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Is there a God?     Is the Bible true ?     Did the Exodus really happen ?

For the first time in history these questions can be answered firmly, definitely, and with solid proof:    
YES !,  YES !,  and YES ! ! ! ”

YES, the Exodus really happened; YES, the Bible is true; and YES there is a God.   The evidence shows that God is the God of the Bible, the true God of heaven and earth.

Such an incredible, bold, blatant statement requires equally incredible, bold, blatant, evidence.   Here is the bold, powerful, dramatic evidence which is supplied by God himself,  directly,  incredibly,   personally.

Exactly where the Red Sea parted has been of great debate.  

Contrary to many incorrect theories, numerous scripture details match just one place.  Where and how the Exodus Red Sea parted is shown below.

The historical Exodus account says God parted the Red Sea by a strong east wind when Moses stretched out his hand over the water.

Those who listened to God were freed and saved while the proud, greedy, brutal, idol worshippers drowned.

Unique, curious, geographic features point to the ‘BOW Inlet’ as the special place where the sea parted and the Israelites crossed.  The Bow Inlet was a curve in the Red Sea near the lower Suez Canal.

This writeup discusses interactions between the spiritual and material realms where the Exodus information sits as a gateway to other highly relevant items today from Genesis, Exodus, The Prophets, Psalms, Daniel, the Gospels and Revelation.   When viewing everything, there appears to be a new illumination of understanding occurring using revelations already given from God in scripture, containing a great quantity of information.

NEWS: Aerial Ground Penetrating Radar has located what must surely be Pharaoh's Exodus army covered by sand at the exact indicated location, as shown at left by a blue line at the lower Suez Canal and by the enlarged detailed section at right. “Thou strechedest out thy right hand, the earth swallowed them” Exodus 15:12

Left: The blue line is where Pharaoh's army drowned, sank to the bottom, and has been found covered by the sand at the Lower Suez Canal. This area was called the Heroopolite Gulf or Red Sea in ancient times.

Right: A false color, close-in small portion, 1.4 mile (2.26 km) piece, 1/7th of the full 9.8 mile long (15.8 km), 300 feet (91m) wide, front line of Pharaoh's Army as found under the sand by Satellite Ground Penetrating Radar.  Similar sections are spread for a full ten miles of the army's line. In both pictures Pharaoh's army's broad front line was advancing toward Moses and the Israelites from the upper left corner toward the lower right. See correct full-color image and explanation here.

This, and other new evidence is not yet incorporated into the narrative below. The major corrections to be made are: 1, the Red Sea covered the army very high and only once; and 2, Succoth's map location should be about midway on Wadi Tumilat, the Canal of the Pharaohs.

Below are 35 page links about the parting of the Red Sea.
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Page #   Pages 1 & 2 for introduction, but the most interesting pages begin at page 11. 

Pages from about 2 - 10 are summaries to debunk incorrect crossing sites.

1        Introduction: What is a good criteria to find the correct Red Sea crossing place?

2 - 3   Crossing theories A - HH, problems and strengths vs. the criteria


4 - 5   Listing of crossing theories A - O with their problems & strengths


6        Crossing theories I - O:   Discussion of major problems of theories

7 - 8   Notes and References (technical crossing details)


9 - 10  Water Parting Discussion:  Sea Parting Mechanisms


11 - 12 Red Sea BOW geography indicated at time of Exodus


13 - 16 Locusts in and out changed water and geography




17 - 19 Water parted by a strong east wind blowing all night



20 - 24 Wind stops, then first water returns drowning army





25 - 29 Second water returns, buries army





30 - 32 Map evidence:  buried army under sand at BOW



33 Possible number of people & creatures estimated

34 How deep was Wall of water discussion

35 Questions and Answers

36 God’s Greatness Discussion to be added.

37 Blank

38 Blank

39 Blank

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